javascript editor

the first two screenshots (click through for fullsized) illustrate the two different methods of retrieving playlists. for lack of a better term, the first i called "1 per" for a 1 entry mpegurl, and the second "N per" & that's for an N (N=number of songs) entry mpegurl.

clear as mud? it looks like this.

1 per mpegurl (one hit, entire playlist)

N per mpegurl (one hit, one song)
1 per - 117k screen dump
1 per
main window

1 per was the way it was originally written (& what the rest of this page assumes). one cgi hit for the entire playlist and control is done through the web interface (skip a track, etc). N per is almost entirely for WinAmp users and gives control to the mp3 player (each song shows up in the WinAmp playlist separately). in 1 per the ice-cast streamname is set to the playlist id, in N per it's set using the id3 tag. and fyi, the br=64 tells either cgi to use lame to change the bitrate.

the track buttons (mostly obscured, upper right of the main browser window) allow selection of all tracks in an albums (from the right most window), deselect all, and add selected to the playlist window below.

>>   (add selected to playlist)
all  (select all)
none (deselect all)
the playlist editor allows a few more options - shifting a song up or down one notch in the order, delete a song, select all, etc.
up arrow   (shift selected track up one)
down arrow (shift selected track down one)
delete     (delete selected track from playlist)
all        (select all songs in the playlist)
none       (deselect all songs in the playlist)
N per - 105k screen dump
N per

controller window

play & stop do just that, the forward/back and goto track buttons work immediately (on the server at least, the client must use its buffer before the change can be noticed (usually 5 to 20 seconds). increment and decrement bitrate take effect on the next song. playlist and name pull up the following two windows.

playlist window

this is a playlist window from a currently streaming session indicating the track playing and the progress through the track. (this particuliar server had lame turned off, otherwise it would also indicate bitrate). this window is opened from the controller window through the playlist button, and is updated automatically on major functions (fast forward, goto track, backwards, etc).

rename window

assign an alias to the numeric playlist id webplay gives back upon submission (in this case 27084). either the numeric playlist ids or these aliases can be entered in the "playlist id" text box to recall an old playlist. this window is accessed through the name button on the controller window.